DC Tower – interactive experience

DC Tower – interactive experience Top of Austria – aspiration and incentive. Using a high-resolution weatherproof camera, images of the tower’s surroundings are collected from the roof of the DC Tower at 5-minute intervals. Over time, this creates a special pool of images that forms the centrepiece of the LED wall in the foyer. The… Continue reading DC Tower – interactive experience

Dataviz migrationEuropeDeaths.com

migrationEuropeDeaths.com The aim of the data visualization is to discover the events of humans failing to reach Europe between 2000 and 2019. It allows readers to visualise incidents and the resulting casualties across common routes, accompanied by annotations that provide context and political background. Every incident is then further explained by a tooltip that gives… Continue reading Dataviz migrationEuropeDeaths.com


VJ duo Taxon Taxon generates live vj sets where triminensionality and space are a focus. (2005 – 2010)The two members of taxon are Michael Seidl aka mikimoto and Katharina Mayrhofer.