• lecture Moving Image – façade projection

    Students create a façade projection. Which means in detail: finding a façade and define a story for it, look & feel and the animation itself. Due to the corona situation, the projection was only recreated virtually on selected facades.

  • lecture – codeAndImage

    lecture – codeAndImage

    lecture – codeAndImage Small experimental generative images were developed as part of a course in the Design and Technology Workshop.The course was specially intended for designers who had no previous knowledge of programming and programmatic thinking. An Index-page was created form the work, which summarises all the work: codeAndImage.ufg.at will be published in May 2021.

  • ENGEL Dialog – Showroom Engel Austria

    ENGEL Dialog – Showroom Engel Austria Under the title “ENGEL Dialogue”, the exhibition was architecturally designed as an open and transparent machine unit with an exciting sequence of different thematic islands. Following the concept of the Viennese exhibition agency NoFrontiere Design, Responsive Spaces accompanied the realisation of all multimedia exhibits whose technological spectrum ranges from…

  • DC Tower – interactive experience

    DC Tower – interactive experience

    DC Tower – interactive experience Top of Austria – aspiration and incentive. Using a high-resolution weatherproof camera, images of the tower’s surroundings are collected from the roof of the DC Tower at 5-minute intervals. Over time, this creates a special pool of images that forms the centrepiece of the LED wall in the foyer. The…

  • lecture Moving Image – expanded poetry

    lecture Moving Image – expanded poetry

    expandedPoetry.ufg.at The project “Expanded Poetry-Bruttonationalglück” translates poems into visual, moving languages. Poetry is processually transformed into moving images and scattered and published in the digital space. The project is a cooperation between the Kunstuniversität Linz and the schule für dichtung wien. Selected poems from Anna Weidenholzer’s online class entitled “wir steigern das bruttonationalglück-texte zur glücksmaximierung”…

  • Dataviz migrationEuropeDeaths.com

    Dataviz migrationEuropeDeaths.com

    migrationEuropeDeaths.com The aim of the data visualization is to discover the events of humans failing to reach Europe between 2000 and 2019. It allows readers to visualise incidents and the resulting casualties across common routes, accompanied by annotations that provide context and political background. Every incident is then further explained by a tooltip that gives…

  • animated Cover for an online magazine

    Cover for the splace magazine Development and conception of the animated cover The University of Art and Design Linz presents splace magazine, a digital multi-format for interactive art encounters in space, word and image. It offers new contributions by lecturers and artistic works of the university’s students. With this bilingual online magazine, conceived by Tina…

  • lecture realtime graphics

    Since 2014, Katharina Mayrhofer has been teaching two courses at the Kunstuniversität Linz that deal with real-time visualisations. It is taught how generative and interactive graphics and animations as well as complex interactive media art installations can be created using only a graphical user interface and without prior programming knowledge. To this end, an introduction…

  • VJ Duo TAXON

    VJ Duo TAXON

    VJ duo Taxon Taxon generates live vj sets where triminensionality and space are a focus. (2005 – 2010)The two members of taxon are Michael Seidl aka mikimoto and Katharina Mayrhofer.